Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Trampoline

Mikaiah loves his trampoline. Listen to his
writing to find out why!


  1. Hi Mikaiah,
    I really enjoyed listening to your story about your trampoline. I remember when I got one when I was little like you too. I played on it everyday all the time. Can you do flips on it?

    Miss Lavakula

  2. Kia Orana Mikaiah,
    We really enjoyed listening to your story. We really liked the way you read slowly with a nice clear voice.
    Your story had alot of detail, which made it very interesting to listen to. Keep up the good work and we hope to see more of your work on your blog.

    Love Mrs Tuala and Room 9

  3. Dear Mikaiah,

    If my Mum gets money she will buy me a trampoline.
    If I get a trampoline I will put it at the back of my yard.
    I will have fun on it.
    From Nikita