Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do you want to find out about dinosaurs?
Listen to Nikki read her story. You'll hear
a lot of information about these prehistoric


  1. Nikki - What a wonderful story you read!
    I liked hearing that T-Rexs liked to stay around water, I wonder why that was. Also I liked the way that you spoke, I think it would be scary speaking into a computer and making a movie but you were very brave and I didn't hear you make any mistakes, you read your story perfectly! You and Mrs Jarman must be very proud! I also liked that you said you would run away if you saw a T-Rex, I think I would too!
    Melville Intermeidate, Room 8, Hamilton,

  2. Dear Nikki,
    We love your story. We loved the way you spoke.
    I'm scared of T.Rex's too. You had a lovely story. You wrote it properly.You didn't make any mistakes.
    Love from Nikita, Josephine and Cezar.

  3. Dear Nikki,
    I loved your story. It was really interesting and I would be scard too if they were still here.

    Love from Mum XXXX

  4. Dear Nikki,

    I liked your story about the T-Rex because I would run away from it too!!! The story is cool.

    From Eric