Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scary Dinosaur

Listen to Josephine read her written work
about dinosaurs. She uses a lovely clear
voice and lots of expression to share her
ideas with you.


  1. Hi Josephine, we are scared of dinosaurs too. If a dinosaur came into our school it would eat us. You really do have a clear voice and lots of expression. We enjoyed listening to you.
    From Phoenix and Amy in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School.

  2. Josephie - I can't decide which I liked more, the way that you read the story, which was wonderful, you were very proud but you also spoke clearly and nicely - or the fact that you said a T-Rex didn't eat cheese or plants, that's not something that I would have thought about, a wonderful movie that you've created.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  3. Hello Josephine,
    It is so good to hear you reading your story. I am glad that T-Rex didn't eat cheese otherwise we would never have enough cheese for ourselves.
    Great story!

    Mrs She.

  4. Hi Josephine,
    I like the way that you said that you were scared it was very loud. Do you know how many teeth a Tyrannosaurus Rex has?

  5. Dear Josephine,
    I liked the way you talked. I liked your story.
    You used a clear voice.
    Love from

    Nikki, Nikita and Cezar

  6. Dear Josephine,
    I would be scared if I met a dinosaur. I would scream!
    From Sasha in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School.

  7. Dear Josephine,

    I really love your work, you can write nicely and I really like how you speak.

    From Iron and Kashya

  8. wow sis you are a great writer that means you a rally really smart.keep it up sister