Monday, March 23, 2009

Cezar's Accident

Cezar came to school bright and early to be
with his friends. Listen to his story to find
what happened to him while he was playing.
Poor old Cezar!


  1. Oh dear Cezar! What a terrible thing to happen to you. I can see from the movie that you must have been very sore. I am pleased that a big girl came and looked after you so nicely.
    I was wondering if you bumped your tooth as well?
    Well done for writing such an interesting story about it.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Dear Cezar,

    We are sorry that you had a bleeding nose. That was good that the big girl helped you. We hope you are all better now.

    Love from your friends Nikita, Nikki and Josephine.

  3. Dear Cezar
    Ii sounds like you were very brave. I am glad someone came to help you. It was an interesting story!
    Love Mum