Monday, March 16, 2009

Mr Jacobsen you are funny.

Marama loves going to Music with the class.
Mr Jacobsen the music teacher always makes
the children laugh and be happy. Marama
wrote a message to Mr Jacobsen when he was
sick. She wanted to cheer him up and make
him happy too.


  1. Hi Marama,

    Music with MrsJacobsen is fun. He even makes the teachers laugh sometimes. I'm glad you like your class music lessons.

    From Mrs Jarman

  2. What a fantastic message Marama (Tomato)! Thank you very much. It really cheered me up.

  3. Hi Marama
    What a lovely girl you are to write Mr Jacobsen such a nice message when he was sick. I am glad he got to see this and it cheered him up. He is a very funny man isn't he?
    Mrs Burt