Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bike Action

After school and at the weekend Mikaiah and
his two brothers have lots of fun on their bikes.


  1. Mikaiah - I like the way that you took a breath between each sentence, and a pause, that is a good way to remind people how to write properply! I really liked the way that you spoke and I saw all the books that were on the shelf behind you, it made for a good background. I also liked how you talked about something that you like doing with Junior and Simon because you were interested and it made your writing more interesting for you I bet! Great work!
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate,

  2. Hi Mikaiah, we really liked hearing about how you ride your bike. You sounded really confident when you talked too. We are learning how to sound confident when we speak so watching you was really helpful for our learning. I want to go and ride my bike now!
    From Celia and Jordan in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School.

  3. We think that a red bike sounds really cool Mikaiah! How far do you go on your bike? How high do you jump off the ramp? Can you do a wheelie? I am learning how to do that at home!
    From Robbie in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School.